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New Delhi 2016
Collaboration with: Dushyant Asher, Vijayshree Pednekar, Dhruv Raja

The dynamic movement of the datum establishes a relation between the fragile nature of public and private in a space. It questions the temporal space of a traditional mela, Ganesha pandals, cultural kiosks and the identities in each of these formats. The dense floating datum with its quality of temporal existence between the sky and land on a balloon introduces the flying datum. An art installation which allows your fears, joys, discretion and dynamic set of associations of spaces in everyday life come alive. The dominant expression of land and water are both blurred under 'the floating 'Chhat'. The 'Chhat' never touches the land or the sky, but restlessly tries to mediate in-between with the effect of the wind; creating a tension between the positive and negative urban space. It is a private and a public space, it is a space with which you can dissolveyour definition of space and be, what you want it to be...

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