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UCLA | MSAUD | Summer 2021 
Instructors: Nathan Su
Collaboration with: Yiran Ye & Jingjing Fang

Hyper-Human Wilds functions as a primer on speculative fiction and aims to immerse you in the planetary narratives of our time, so that you might envision alternate narratives for our future. Technically, it is also an exposure to world-building workflows, with a focus on digital environment art.


Today when the line between life & death is more blurred than ever this scenario here creates a space which serves as an apparatus for after life survival & a place which accommodates the state between life & death. It basically serves as a destination for souls to inhabit once they die & gives them space, time & the necessary conditions before they are reincarnated or reborn again. It also facilitates as a center or a temporal zone for these souls to fulfill their incomplete ambitions before rebirth & often the place for connecting with their deeper self – in other words souls searching. When one dies their soul and mind get disconnected from the brain which does not allow the person to focus & hence this infrastructure here provides the conditions required for the person to function & focus in such a case. Brains resurrected after death, communications with people in comas and advances in cryogenics all suggest that life's end is less final than we thought & hence the need for such an infrastructure becomes more necessary than ever before.

The Insider's Perspective

The Infrastructure

The Outsider's Perspective

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