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AI Canyon

Professional | Competition 
Collaboration with: Mausam Jain

The Antelope Canyon in Page, Arizona, is the most famous slot canyon formation in the world with five separate, scenic slot canyon sections formed due to natural processes. The AI Canyon uses parametric design as its design method where features are shaped according to algorithmic processes, in contrast to being designed directly. In this method, parameters and rules determine the relationship between design intent and design response. Here, it uses a combination of algorithms and parameters to generate the design where every step of the process is translated into coded computer language.


The AI Canyon explores an interactive design process that uses a set of rules and inputted parameters to control a design model. The rules establish the relationship between different design elements & the forms that have been generated similar to the various forms of the Antelope Canyon that we see in the images below.

AI Interpretation of the Antelope Canyon

The forms below are the parametric & AI interpretations of the Antelope Canyon that have been generated using a set of rules & parameters that control & create infinite variations in the form similar to what we see in these Canyons at Page.

Virtual Reality Experience

Formal AI Expressions of the Antelope Canyon

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