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Documentation & Analysis

ACA | B.Arch | 2013
Collaboration with: 1st Year Batch of ACA

The first year students of Aditya College of Architecture visited the Sun Temple at Kasheli, Ratnagiri. The study tour was organised so as to intiate an understanding of what a temple space is. Also, the visit was meant for documenting the entire site . At first glimpse, from outside, the temple complex portrays itself as a blank fortified wall. The probable reason for the fortification of compound wall could be - In older days, the wealth of the village was concentrated in the temple, so the compound walls were fortified for it’s security. As the walls were fortified, it acted as a visual barrier, so the activity inside the temple was unknown to the outside public. As one enters inside, one can see the three small temples, entrances of which are facing away from them, prompting the visitor to move further towards the well. This movement turns the direction of vision and thus presents the whole precinct in perspective.

Temple Complex Plan

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